Good Neighbor Tips

Being a Good Neighbor


• Establishing a respectful and cooperative relationship with your neighbors could be mutually beneficial. Oftentimes, they are aware of your schedule and may look after your property when you are away.


• Living in the community includes the expectation that you
conduct yourself in a responsible manner and adhere to all
federal, state and city laws and ordinances, especially those
relating to noise, traffic, parking, zoning and consumption
of alcohol.


• Keeping your property free of trash, litter, weeds, leaves and hazards indicates that you care about your property and the neighborhood.


Noise Ordinances
Residential Quiet Hours are Sunday – Thursday from 9pm to 7am and Friday – Saturday from 11pm to 7am.

Did you know that the Student Code of Conduct applies to all part and full time students, as well as persons who are not officially enrolled for a particular semester or summer session but who are pursuing a degree or otherwise have a continuing student relationship with the University?


Did you know that the Student Code of Conduct applies even when off campus? The Student Code of Conduct applies to areas within 500 yards of University premises/campus, fraternity/sorority houses, other housing managed by a recognized student group or “off campus conduct that seriously threatens the safety and well being of other Temple University students, faculty, or staff or University property or that adversely affects the University community or the pursuit of its objectives.”


It is the student’s responsibility to:

1. Foster an environment conducive to continued intellectual and educational stimulation within the University free from harassment by other members of the community; and

2. Foster the maintenance of physical and mental health, the safety and welfare of each member of the community; and

3. Respect the rights of others.


Temple Good Neighbor Policy

The purpose of Temple’s Good Neighbor Policy is to encourage Temple University students to engage in proactive and intentional efforts to build connections and relationships with their residential community. The Policy establishes basic guidelines for Temple students to be good neighbors and to conduct themselves as responsible members of the community.


The Policy states that students must:
•Abide by fire, health, zoning, building, and safety codes, including occupancy limits, and the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses and Inspections code and ordinances.

•Dispose of litter, trash, and garbage on a regular basis in an appropriate manner.

•Complete clean up within 24 hours after social functions to ensure litter and trash is removed from the neighborhood.

•When responsible for outside maintenance under lease or rental agreements, maintain lawn and landscaping on a regular basis.

•Foster and maintain good community relations and cooperation with neighbors and authorities.

•Take proactive steps to manage the conduct of guests, including measures that reduce the risk of harm.

•Take active steps to prevent damage to neighbors’ property.

•Be engaged in mediating and resolving problems or concerns with neighbors in a timely and civil manner.

•Use elevated or amplified sound only in accordance with the City of Philadelphia Noise Ordinance.

You can read more about Temple’s Good Neighbor Policy here: